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Addiction Recovery in Denver, Colorado

  • Posted On November 11, 2013
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Addiction Recovery Treatment in Denver, CO (303) 209-3004

Our Denver Colorado addiction recovery treatment centers are there to provide the public with both information about the disease of addiction and to treat those who have been disabled by this chronic disorder.  Drug addiction by all counts is a disease, and a costly disease for the American public.  Almost a half-trillion dollars each year is lost to alcoholism and drug addiction, and the numbers will rise as technology increases the black market’s ability to provide the goods that people desire. There is no one who starts out thinking they will become a heroin addict.  The average person doesn’t go from drinking coffee to shooting up.  Instead he or she stumbles into a progressive cycle of alcohol and drug addiction until they end up turning to the most “economical” drug they can find—the drug that gets them the highest, the longest, and the cheapest. Start your treatment today! Call Drug Rehab Denver CO at (303) 209-3004 to learn about your options. Addiction Recovery in Denver, Colorado

Why people engage in drugs in the first place is another story altogether.

Some people start with an underlying medical condition or disorder that they are medicating or self-medicating, others have a progression that began in social circles and social contexts and then grows over time into something that they can no longer control.  The one true thing about all addiction is that it is progressive in nature.  It will always get worse until the addict hits a brick wall. Too often, it takes an extreme event, such as a drug overdose (or several) or arrest, to force the addict into treatment.  Those of us at the Denver Colorado addiction recovery center want to encourage those who have the disease of addiction and their loved ones to consider treatment before it is court ordered or begins with a visit to the ER.

Addiction recovery in Denver Colorado

Denver is a city with many options for addicts.  Various addiction treatment programs, as well as, relapse prevention programs exist for its residents.  Some of these are combined under one roof in a residential program such as ours.  At our facility we provide medical detoxification, addiction therapy, nutrition and exercise programs, group and peer counseling, as well as, relapse prevention programs.  We offer full residential services, partial hospitalization, and outpatient programs.  Most insurance companies now provide some form of treatment contributions, but even if they don’t most rehabs these days work with payment plans, scholarships and other options.  The important thing is that you seek help.  Payment arrangements can be figured out later.  Saving your life is more important. We feel that of all of our services from detoxification to cognitive therapies, our relapse prevention program is the most beneficial to the addicts long-term recovery.  Understanding your “triggers” that lead to cravings, learning how to avoid those situations, knowing when to call someone in your support group for help—these are maybe the most important tools we have to bestow upon the addict. Too many people who attempt to go cold turkey at home recidivate because they don’t understand the nature of their own addiction, why they take drugs or alcohol in the first place, and how to avoid taking them in the future.  People will grab cold remedies, soup, and blankets and head off to their room to “get clean”.  That may temporarily detoxify the body but it does nothing for the prospects of a life of sobriety. We feel that our mission is not complete without preparing the addict for that time when they leave treatment, when they don’t have walls around them keeping drugs out.  Our job is to prepare you for a life without drugs and to promote a state of wellness.  Healthy body, healthy minds is not a useless diatribe, it is a way to live a good and happy life.  We want that for all our patients. If you have questions about what you’re going through right now, just call.  Even if we’re not the addiction recovery center for you, we may know of a good alternative. Call Drug Rehab Denver CO at (303) 209-3004 for help.

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