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Addiction Treatment in Denver Colorado

  • Posted On November 11, 2013
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Addiction Treatment Programs in Denver, CO (303) 209-3004

Substance abuse and drug addiction is on the rise in the US again, due to the proliferation of over the counter drugs and drug combinations, as well as, depression arising from economic recession.  As more people experiment with euphoria and self-medicate away symptoms of depression the numbers of people abusing substances will grow. One in every four families has felt the pain of addiction and most feel helpless in the face of it.  What many don’t realize is that they have very real options for themselves or their loved ones.  Addiction treatment is now a part of most insurance policies.  Denver Colorado addiction treatment centers take most forms of insurance, as well as, payment plans. Call Drug Rehab Denver CO at (303) 209-3004 to start on your road to recovery. Addiction Treatment in Denver Colorado

What to look for in a Colorado, Denver Addiction Treatment Center

Addiction treatment centers vary by type.  There are inpatient centers and outpatient community programs.  Inpatient treatment centers also provide partial hospitalization for those who are transitioning out or for those who cannot afford full residential treatment.  Many people looking into addiction recovery programs also wish to find service providers who are socially or religiously specific.  There are religious treatment programs, as well as, gender-specific, and GLBT programs for individuals who feel the need to “self-segregate” into a place they feel safe or comfortable in. This is normal behavior for people who know they will need to transition from one part of their life into another. In general, however, most people want a treatment program that can show successful outcomes, whose patients have a low rate of recidivism.  Evidence-based medicine has shown that there are some methodologies which work better than others, which is why multi-modal addiction treatment facilities have a higher rate of “success” than those which apply only one methodology.

What to Expect in Treatment

Our Colorado drug addiction treatment programs are holistic in nature, meaning that they treat the whole body from physical to mental to spiritual. We have medical detoxification under the guidance of board certified MDs and licensed nurses, as well as, cognitive and behavioral therapies in a one-on-one environment with certified addiction specialists. In addition to this hands on and personal experience with trained medical professionals, we also offer recreational therapy, nutritional programs, yoga and meditation, and peer/group counseling. Our treatment philosophy is mission-oriented: whatever works to prepare the addict for life outside the addiction treatment center.  We develop a treatment plan for our patient with our patient.  It is their recovery so they need to be a part of that process. People know themselves and they know what they respond to.  As the patient moves through treatment we have a feedback loop so that we can re-evaluate the patient and tailor the program to better meet his or her needs.  As the individual discovers the reasons for the addiction, as he or she develops a better understanding of those “triggers” that will cause cravings, he or she will create for themselves a relapse prevention program for life.

Where to Go After Treatment

Patients will transition themselves out of rehab.  They know when they are ready to leave.  When a patient and his or her therapist come to the conclusion that the patient is ready, outpatient programs will be the transitory path.  The patient will continue to meet and take status on an outpatient level, attending group classes and sessions that will provide the type of ongoing support experience an addict will require for some time to come. Leaving rehab is like learning to walk again.  There will be stumbles even from those with the best treatment potential.  The goal is to keep getting back up and knowing when maybe it is time to return. We have been highly successful with getting people up and walking again.  Our success rate is something to be proud of and we welcome phone calls to our center so we can discuss with you those options for you or a loved one that are available to them, not just with our center but our neighboring facilities. Call Drug Rehab Denver CO at (303) 209-3004 for help today!

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