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Denver CO Alcohol Abuse Recovery

Denver CO alcohol abuse recovery is available for those suffering from alcohol withdrawal, which is the manifestation of physical symptoms in response to an abrupt stop in drinking. Alcohol withdrawal is medically known as “alcohol withdrawal syndrome.” Alcohol withdrawal is caused by a lack of continued alcohol use. Brain function has been altered by the consistent consumption of alcohol, and when use ceases, the body responds through physical symptoms. Alcohol influences brain function through chemical changes that hamper normal neurotransmitter production. For example, alcohol inhibits glutamate, an excitatory neurotransmitter. Inhibiting glutamate causes physiological processes to slow down, causing the addicted individual to experience depressed motor and central nervous system functioning. Contact Denver CO addiction treatment centers to learn more about your options for recovery.  For more information, dial (303) 209-3004 today. 

Withdrawal Symptoms

Mild symptoms: nausea, vomiting, body aches, headache, irritability, and anxiety. Moderate symptoms: Extreme flu-like symptoms, sweating, chills, clammy skin, blood pressure fluctuations, rapid heart rate, and uncontrolled shaking. Severe symptoms: Alcohol hallucinosis (hallucinations), convulsions, seizure, and the DT’s, (delirium tremens). The DT’s are a serious bodily response to withdrawing from alcohol use. The tremens can become violent and intolerable. Delirium tremens can cause depressed respiratory function, uncontrolled body temperature, poor circulation and a lack of proper blood flow to the brain, and severe dehydration. Psychological symptoms: Nervousness and anxiety, agitation, panic attacks, depression, insomnia, sleep terrors, clouded thinking, and fatigue.

Why Choose Inpatient Treatment For Alcoholism?

Denver CO inpatient treatment, exclusively, offers the expansive care that is needed to treat alcoholism. In addition to the availability of medical detox, patients have the opportunity to be treated on multiple levels. Alcoholism impacts every area of the alcoholic’s existence; mind and body. Inpatient rehab addresses each and every element of the physical, emotional, and psychological havoc that has besieged the alcoholic, or alcohol abuser. This includes those that are close to the addicted individual. Although inpatient treatment offers relapse prevention programs, other recovery programs are available outside of our treatment centers. Alcoholics Anonymous (http://www.daccaa.org/) lets addicts share their experiences in order to determine why they started drinking. Drug rehab centers in Denver CO can help you get the treatment you need. Contact a treatment center as soon as possible.