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Alcohol and Drug Detoxification Denver CO

  • Posted On November 11, 2013
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Admitting someone into a drug detox program versus taking them to the ER has its benefits.  Denver Colorado drug detox facilities are staffed with board certified medical doctors and licensed nurses, as well as, have all of the same trauma equipment that would be used in the ER on patients in arrest. Having not only the same type of medical environment as a hospital, but also a staff of medical specialists in drug treatment can be comforting to the addict and their loved ones.  There are symptoms associated with delirium tremens (DTs) for example, that someone with specialization can pick up on right away and apply emergency intervention procedures that could potentially save his or her life. We are here to help you recover from addiction. Call Drug Rehab Denver CO now at (303) 209-3004. Alcohol and Drug Detoxification Denver CO

Denver Drug Detox Centers

Drug detoxification is the essential first step for most drug addicts who wish to become sober.  Without clarity of mind, there is no progression of treatment.  Drugs cloud the mind and even change brain function for many.  Drugs like methamphetamines have the power to alter the neural pathways and decrease brain function! It is essential for those who have engaged and become addicted to “hard” drugs such meth, coke, or heroin to undergo detoxification in a medically supervised environment, and to have time for their bodies and systems to heal prior to engaging in drug treatment therapies or relapse prevention therapies. Each drug affects the body differently, and each drug has a different rate of consumption within the body.  Withdrawing from heroin is easier than withdrawing from methadone even though heroin is a more powerful drug and leaves the user with a more powerful euphoria. Methadone take twice as long to leave the body as heroin, meaning withdrawing from methadone takes much longer and is a more uncomfortable experience.  Having medical professionals who have experience with multiple types of drug withdrawal make it easier on the patient as they can more readily anticipate and prepare for symptom reduction.

Drug Detox and Holistic Assistance

In addition to the medical intervention which can be applied to treatment, our treatment centers also use and apply holistic remedies to ease the symptoms of detoxification, both mental and physical.  Many addicts undergo severe depression during withdrawal and for this reason, among others, we provide therapies such as binaural beats, music to image therapy, yoga, and massage for those undergoing this stage of treatment.  The idea is to make the addict as comfortable and positive as possible. The pain of withdrawal and all the uncomfortable symptoms associated with it can make this aspect of the process so frightening in anticipation that addicts will actually postpone quitting for fear of what they will go through.  Remember, most addicts have reached the point where they already experience withdrawal between doses and understand that total deprivation will cause.  This is why our treatment and drug detox centers have therapies both holistic and medical to alleviate the symptoms. We ensure that the addict is comfortable and safe, and have gone to great lengths to provide a soothing and serene environment for him or her to heal in. If you have questions about our Denver, Colorado drug detox program, we would be happy to give you most specific details over the phone.  Our goal is to save lives and change lives. Get help today when you call Drug Rehab Denver CO at (303) 209-3004!

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