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  • Posted On December 20, 2014
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Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Denver CO (303) 209-3004

The National Drug Intelligence Center reports that drugs enter the city via airplanes, buses and private vehicles. Cocaine, heroin and meth abuse, along with marijuana and MDMA abuse, are persistent problems in Denver. Despite the prevalent drug use, there are individuals tired of living under the burden of addiction. When seeking the road to recovery, clients have a number of options. Detoxification is the initial step and may occur in detox centers or on-campus comprehensive care facilities. Clients then receive therapy via off-campus or residential rehabilitation centers. Dial (303) 209-3004 to reach the experts at Drug Rehab Denver Co today! Drug Rehab Centers in Denver CO

Drug Detoxification

Addiction rehab begins as an addict undergoes detox during the first step of treatment. The process involves allowing the body to eliminate chemical substances. As the central nervous system adjusts to functioning without drugs, chemical imbalances occur, which create withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the drug of choice and the extent of the addiction, the process may last two days or more than a week. Licensed physicians and other trained personnel keep a watchful eye on clients for the duration. Suboxone and other prescription medications may be prescribed in an effort to lessen the severity of symptoms and ease cravings.

Recovery Treatment

Once a client finishes detox, rehabilitation and addiction recovery treatment continues with individualized therapy that applies to the unique circumstances of the person’s addiction, medical and psychological history and lifestyle. The goal of individual and group therapy, along with discussion sessions, will prepare each client for life after discharge from a treatment program. Clients will learn what triggered the dependency and how to manage any emotional or mental disorders. As clients become stronger in mind, body and spirit, they acquire and practice the skills needed to survive without drugs and overcome temptations.

Addiction Center Aftercare

Aftercare treatment and recovery programs in Denver serve as a network of support designed to prevent relapse, as addicts transition from primary care to everyday life. Individuals experience a higher degree of success staying sober when they receive ongoing education that reinforces reintegration skills and relapse prevention strategies while enjoying the fellowship of others. Additionally, clients may regularly communicate with recovery coaches or sponsors who offer ongoing support and encouragement. If you’re prepared to start a new life without chemical dependency, learn more by calling Drug Rehab Denver CO at (303) 209-3004.

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