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Substance Abuse

  • Posted On November 11, 2013
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Substance Abuse Denver CO

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Many times people will call the Colorado drug treatment center to ask, what is the difference between substance abuse and addiction?  The easy answer is: a few weeks or months depending upon the drug.  If you are taking an opiate or methamphetamine the time will come all too quickly when use becomes addiction. A drug like alcohol will take longer before dependency and addiction takes hold.  Cocaine use begins binge and can last that way for years before the substance abuse finally drags that individual down.  Addiction is a complicated disease and definition to pin down because it is different for everyone.  Typically, individuals will know they are “addicted” when the feel dependent upon the drug. Call (303) 209-3004 to reach out to the experts at Drug Rehab Denver CO.

What is Addiction?

Dependency takes many forms when it comes to drugs or alcohol.  Cocaine, for example, has a powerful psychological dependency and while it does not produce the flu-like symptoms upon withdrawal that an opiate’s cessation will cause, it does change the dopamine receptors in the brain, shrinking the brain’s natural production of the “happy” drug (dopamine) and causing the withdrawing user to undergo psychological distress, depression, mania, and other conditions which cause near-immediate recidivism if not treated robustly.  Drugs like the aforementioned opiates cause a physical and psychological dependency that create feelings of anxiety, as well as, flu like symptoms upon cessation. When someone is addicted to these highly controlled substances it is next to impossible to break the habit on their own.  The recidivism rates for heroin within the first year (without treatment) are close to 100%, even with treatment it is still an unacceptable number by most of the addiction treatment community who have worked very cooperatively through evidence-based medicine exchange to find modalities which will support positive treatment for opiate addicts. Methadone maintenance programs, for example, were a “cheap” outpatient solution for addicts that could not quit heroin any other way and were fearful their habit would invite overdose, disease, or incarceration.  As people learned more about disease abatement and addiction relapse prevention and as drugs to treat heavy drug use changed, methadone programs became less of a solution than in the past.  Individuals are able to transition out of opiate and heroin addiction without methadone and without a high recidivism.

Denver Colorado Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment Centers

Substance abuse and addiction have treatment options in Denver Colorado. There are inpatient programs, partial hospitalization, outpatient treatment and even rapid detox Which program you choose is dependent upon what substance you were addicted to, the length or duration of your addiction, the underlying causes of your disorder, and what type of environment you live in or will return to once treatment is completed.  For example, there are programs tailored specifically to heroin or methamphetamine addicts, as well as, programs for parents of small children where inpatient may not necessarily be an option. Finding out which program fits or works for you is important, but more important is the seeking of help, the seeking of treatment, and the will to confront the disease.  You have to choose to seek help for your addiction, not just flirt with the idea on the Internet, and that is not always an easy thing for an addict to do. Most addicts are well aware that there will be pain and discomfort in cessation, they have been through partial withdrawal while waiting for their dealer, and this fear often drives them to continue use rather than reach out for help. We want you to know that we understand this process and will do everything we can to reduce the symptoms and make the withdrawal period as easy on you as possible.  We provide medical oversight so that you can detoxify your body in a safe environment, and can in some circumstances provide medications to ease you through the process of withdrawal. If you have questions about our drug treatment methodologies or concerns even about your own health call one of our counselors.  Most of them have been where you are now and can explain the procedure from the point of view of one who has lived it. Call Drug Rehab Denver CO today at (303) 209-3004.

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